Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms of trade of Skydive Nagambie. For the purposes of this document, "Skydive Nagambie" is known as Skydiving Nagambie Pty Ltd (ABN 81 095 999 876). Skydive Nagambie is the seller of all skydives and other ancillary items, including but not limited to certificates, photographs, videos, and merchandise. All dealings with Skydive Nagambie will be on these Terms of Trade unless otherwise agreed in writing with Skydive Nagambie.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Skydive Nagambie is an Australian business, and all prices are displayed in Australian dollars AUD (inclusive of GST). All paperwork, safety briefing and gear-up must be completed. At the time of booking, validity of various package offers should be confirmed as Skydive Nagambie reserve the right to change without notice. All bookings are given an ‘Arrival/Check in’ time only. Please note this is not a ‘skydive’ time. Whilst Skydive Nagambie endeavour to complete an individual’s tandem skydive within 4 hours of arrival, Skydive Nagambie advise you to arrive with no time constraints – you should plan for this to be a whole day’s activity. As safety is Skydive Nagambie’s main concern, factors such as wind, cloud, rain, thermal turbulence etc. and other factors such as air traffic can affect the time it takes to complete your skydive activity. Weather can change for better or worse in minutes, and you will be unable to skydive unless you are at Skydive Nagambie’s Drop Zone. Weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances can also require Skydive Nagambie to alter the altitude of the skydive. As aircraft are mechanical and periodically become unavailable, Skydive Nagambie reserve the right to change aircraft type without notice. On occasion, these aircraft changes and Air Traffic Control (ATC) may require Skydive Nagambie to change the required altitude and number of participants in a plane. Further, Skydive Nagambie reserves the right to reschedule your skydive. Medical conditions which could affect your safety should be discussed with your doctor prior to your booking and you will then be required to provide medical clearance from your Doctor stating you are fit to undertake skydiving. No alcohol or “recreational” drugs are to be taken for at least 8 hours prior to arrival. Please advise Skydive Nagambie if you are taking prescription medication. Minimum age is 16 years for all skydiving. All minors must have a legal guardian present on the day of the tandem skydive. All persons are subject to Tandem Master assessment. The maximum weight cut-off limit is 100kg. All persons 95kg and over will incur a surcharge of $50.00 AUD (inclusive of GST). Discount coupons are valid only for direct bookings with Skydive Nagambie as specifically stated on advertisement. All Public Holidays incur the regular tandem skydive weekend rate. All bookings are final, no refunds are given for change of mind or change of experience to a lesser value.

All individuals must be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations or hold a valid exemption (as defined in the public health directions) in order to enter the premises, which includes you and any spectators. If you are not up-to-date or exempt, you may reschedule to a later date where you can meet these requirements (where this is within 12 months of your original booking date, and subject to you providing 48 hours of notice) or you may transfer your booking to another individual who does meet these requirements. No refunds are given where you do not meet these requirements and choose not to reschedule or transfer.

Booking Changes/Cancellations Policy

Booking payments are per person (individual). Failure to turn up at the ‘check-in’ time will result in a 100% cancellation fee. Failure to go through with your skydive will forfeit your jump, no refunds will be given. No refunds will be given for change of experience to a lesser value.

Bookings purchased without Booking Insurance

All skydives include a $110 administration fee which is non-refundable. To change your booking to a different date and time, Skydive Nagambie requires 48 hours notice or your booking payment(s) will be void. Rebooking your skydive without 48 hours notice will incur a $110 rebooking fee. If your skydive is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be required to book for another day, for the same experience. Bookings may be changed to any other date within 12 months of the original booking date. Upgrade fees for changing to weekend experiences must be paid in these circumstances. Cash refunds will not be available when changing to an experience of lesser value. All bookings are final, no refunds are given for change of mind.

Bookings purchased with Booking Insurance

Booking insurance is $19 per person which must be paid at the time of booking and allows you to receive a full refund (not including the $19 insurance). Booking insurance will protect you should you be unable to jump due to weather and not be able to rebook to another date. It also covers you for sickness and breakdowns on the day of your skydive as long as you notify us prior to your ‘check-in’ time on the day of your jump allowing you to rebook to another date or receive a full refund less the pre paid booking insurance fee of $19 per person. Please note, booking insurance does not provide a refund where your experience has to be rescheduled due to either Covid or any other government or other authority mandated closures or restrictions. Booking Insurance is not available with Gift Vouchers, and cannot be honoured if selected. If this is purchased in error, please contact us prior to the experience day for a refund of the booking insurance fee, as this cannot be issued after the experience has been completed.

Learn to Skydive

Deposits are strictly non-refundable, including where your experience has to be rescheduled due to either Covid or any other government or other authority mandated closures or restrictions. For Amateur to Awesome weeks, the minimum notice to reschedule is 3 weeks prior to the commencement date. For all other Learn to Skydive courses, the minimum notice to reschedule is 2 weeks prior to the commencement date. Where the participant does not attend their Learn to Skydive course, the deposit cannot be carried forward to any other type of skydive or experience.

Group Booking Policy

If there is more than one person tandem skydiving it is the group organiser’s responsibility to ensure everyone in the group understands and accepts the Skydive Nagambie Terms and Conditions. Group booking organisers must assist Skydive Nagambie by providing a group organiser contact and organising individuals who wish to tandem skydive together. The Group booking organiser is responsible for collecting payments from all individuals who wish to skydive. While Skydive Nagambie endeavours to keep groups in the same load, Skydive Nagambie does reserve the right to change group configurations where necessary due to operational requirements. No refunds will be made available where Skydive Nagambie changes your group configuration.

Gift Vouchers Policy

Vouchers are non-refundable, not redeemable for cash, but are transferable. Gift vouchers purchased directly through Skydive Nagambie will expire as follows:

  • Some promotional vouchers will expire 6 months after the date of purchase, as notified at the time of purchase. Promotional gift vouchers cannot be extended
  • Vouchers purchased before 1st November 2019 will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. Gift Voucher extensions are available for $50 for a 3 month extension if purchased prior to the expiry date
  • Vouchers purchased on or after 1st November 2019 will expire 36 months after the date of purchase. Vouchers cannot be extended. Vouchers are issued for a set amount equivalent to the purchase price of the experience on the date of the voucher's purchase. This price will be honoured for 12 months from the initial date of purchase, for the type of experience for which the voucher was bought only. After 12 months, if the price of the experience has increased, an additional amount will need to be paid at the time of booking
  • If the experience is no longer available, the value of the voucher can be used on another Skydive Nagambie experience

In all cases, the booking date for the experience must be prior to the voucher expiry.

Failure to show on your scheduled date and time will render your voucher invalid and will result in a 100% cancellation fee. Where the cost of your experience is greater than the value of your voucher, you will be required to pay the difference. Where the cost of your experience is less than the value of your voucher you will not be entitled to a cash refund.

Video & Photographs

Videos and photographs purchased through Skydive Nagambie may be used by Skydive Nagambie for company marketing purposes and reproduction of videos sold, and may only be used or reproduced by the purchaser or recipient for private or domestic purposes and must not be used for any commercial purpose, including promotion of any supplier or any supplier’s products or services without Skydive Nagambie’s prior permission. Should you not want any of your footage or photographs uploaded to Skydive Nagambie’s social media platforms, or used in company marketing, it is your responsibility to advise manifest prior to your jump. Please be advised that should there be any technical issues relating to camera/dubbing equipment, no refunds can be made for the individual skydive as the filming and skydive are two separate products. If we are unable to provide you with the skydive video or photo product due to technical issues a refund for the video or photo product purchased will be issued. If only a portion of your video or photo product fails you will be issued with a refund for the balance of the amount paid less the value of the product actually received. Videos purchased through Skydive Nagambie will be tested on the day of your tandem skydive. Videos are available to all purchasers for viewing on that same day, should you wish to view it. Your acceptance of it on the day will be deemed as your approval of the video being in full working order. No refunds will be made available after your departure from our offices for those videos that are considered not to be in full working order. Whilst it is not mandatory to book a video or photographs it is advisable, as on some occasions a late change of mind may result in disappointment.

On The Day

Payments made at the drop zone with credit card will incur a 1.5% surcharge (inclusive of GST). Whilst we endeavour to keep spectators informed about the landing locations of skydive participants, our priority is ensuring the safety of participants. Landing locations are chosen based on safety and wind conditions at the time of the jump and can often change at the last minute. Refunds or compensation will not be made available if a spectator does not witness a landing.

APF Included

Australian Parachute Federation membership is included in all prices unless otherwise indicated. No hidden fees or prices.

Each participant must accept a waiver prior to skydiving, the wording of which can be viewed as "Form CL8 VIC Standard Club Membership Waiver” here

Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions

Be advised that once received by Skydive Nagambie it serves as authorisation of your payment and acceptance of the terms and conditions stated. You also agree to further indemnify Skydive Nagambie, it’s associate companies, directors and associates against any risk or action related to your participation in your skydive.