Slot prices

Skydiving Nagambie operates on a ticketing with slot prices decreasing, the more tickets you buy.


1 Ticket$42
10 Tickets$38

Conditions of purchase

  1. By manifesting you agree to board the aircraft as soon as instructed by Manifest.
  2. Critical timings to be announced by Manifest are
    • 15 minute call (AFF students and Tandem students gear up)
    • 10 minute call (Dirt Dives at Mock Ups)
    • 5 minute call (Go to emplaning area, confirm exit order and board the aircraft)
    • (nb. Exit order is to be the largest flat-flying groups first, followed by free-flyers, then high-openers.
  3. Manifesting for 1 slot costs 1 jump-ticket. This means:
    • No manifesting without a ticket or being in credit
    • If you miss the load for which you were manifested, you forfeit your ticket.
  4. Safe storage of tickets is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Tickets lost or stolen will not be refunded or replaced by Manifest.
  5. The purchaser’s name is to be written on the rear of the ticket. Manifest will only honour tickets for the person whose name appears on the rear of the ticket. Tickets for team camera may have any team member’s name on it.
  6. Double Manifesting is not normally permitted, however once teams or individuals have demonstrated their ability to achieve back-to-back loads, this can be accommodated.
  7. Tickets will be refunded at $5 less than the purchase price.
  8. Bulk purchases with credit cards incur a 2% surcharge.
  9. All Altitudes one price.

Conditions for Teams only

If we are unable to fill any load will be sent with a minimum of 6 slots provided loads are back to back. Every effort must be made however to match training camp timings with other teams.

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