Canopy Seminars


CRW Weekend with Jules from Skydive Nagambie on Vimeo.

For many years the focus in skydiving was on the freefall aspect of the jump, and a parachute was merely a tool to get you safely to the ground so you could make another skydive!

The focus has now shifted. Canopy handling has now become an integral part of life on a drop zone.

To facilitate this, Skydive Nagambie offers regular canopy handling seminars with Australia's most accomplished canopy pilots as tutors. Each weekend tutors are also available by prior arrangement for one-on-one canopy tuition regardless of experience levels.

Canopy Relative Work (CRW) tuition is also offered by Skydive Nagambie by prior arrangement. We have Australian champions in this discipline on site who can provide you with the training and equipment necessary for 2 way CRW and beyond.

Check out our calendar of events for the next canopy-handling seminar, or contact our office for more details.


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