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Skydive Nagambie // 2014 from Skydive Nagambie on Vimeo.


Skydive Nagambie prides itself in promoting sports skydiving.

We utilize Victoria's only turbine aircraft, which lends itself to a variety of disciplines, Seminars and Boogies.

In March 2009, Skydive Nagambie hosted Diamond Quest, where both national and international skydivers successfully completed a new Aussie record - a 36 way CRW Diamond!

Our Full Moon Boogie is one of the "must attend" Boogies in Australia. Run over a 4 day period in November, this skydiving festival is ranked with the best. Skydivers from around the globe converge on Nagambie to jump from the Skyvan and PAC XL. The best load organisers are sourced from around Australia for all disciplines. These include wingsuiting, CRW, freefly, flatfly, Atmo or just plain old fun!

We regularly host the Victorian-Tasmanian Skydiving Championships, ABC Camps, ATMO camps and Canopy Seminars in our effort to improve the standard of sports skydiving in Australia.

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