Amateur to AWESOME

Take your skydiving tuition to the next level, with our Amateur to Awesome accelerated learning package! Do your first jump course on a Saturday, and then progress through all the requirements to gain your Certificate A qualification and become a licensed skydiver!

This intensive 9-day course includes:

  • Complete AFF course (10 stages)
  • 5 additional jumps to complete landing accuracy requirements
  • Gear hire
  • Short term Student membership to the Australian Parachute Federation
  • Accomodation (bunkhouse) for the course duration
  • Student log book
  • A-certificate theory plus test

All this for just $2,650!

The course also includes:

  • Use of the most modern equipment and facilities available
  • Personalised attention with our highly qualified instructors
  • Use of two different aircraft (turbine 17 place and piston 5 place aircraft)

Want even more?

You could become a Learner to LEGEND, 50 jumps and your B certificate in just one month!

OR CALL 1800 266 500 TO BOOK NOW!

Please note - cost does not include repeat AFF stages or repeat A certificate accuracy jumps.

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