Skydiving is a highly regulated sport and everything we do has safety as the bottom line.

Skydive Nagambie operates under the auspices of the Australian Parachute Federation and the Victorian Parachute Council and operations are conducted in accordance with procedures set out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Independent safety and equipment audits and inspections occur on a regular basis and we guarantee the highest level of safety from our aircraft, equipment and staff.

The state of the art student equipment at Skydive Nagambie is packed and maintained according to strict guidelines. They receive a full inspection and re-pack by specially qualified packers every six months, even when they have not been used. We impose on ourselves a stringent inspection, maintenance and replacement program to ensure the highest quality performance and safety at all times. Our parachute packers and parachute riggers are qualified by the Australian Parachute Federation standards, following an extensive training and examination program. 

About the Australian Parachute Federation APF

The Australian Parachute Federation is a quality-endorsed organization that represents and administers Australian Sport Parachuting. They control nearly all civilian skydiving and parachuting operations in Australia, and set the standards for operations, parachute rigging and packing, issue all skydiving licences and instructor ratings, conducts exams and competitions.

In order to maintain a high level of safety and consistent improvement amongst Sports Parachuting and Skydiving, the APF publishes Australian Skydiving Magazine and News Sheets, informing members of current events and safety standards.

Vist the APF website for more infomation.

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