About the Drop Zone

Skydive Nagambie has over 40 highly skilled people on staff, all committed to delivering the highest quality of service and expertise and can cater to all levels of skydiving.

Our main operations area has everything a skydiver needs, including a padded indoor packing zone, 12m x 12m undercover creeper area, training harnesses, aircraft mock up, equipment sales, a video editing suite, and aircraft manifest. We have our own cafe and a shaded picnic area, which is great for catching up with other skydivers after a great day's jumping.


The Bunkhouse has 33 beds which makes it ideal for catering for large groups. We also have plenty of hot showers and bathroom facilities, so your stay with us will always be comfortable. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag, pillows and a towel.

We have classroom and coaching facilities ideal for training teams and students alike. If you want to make a weekend of it, or just a day trip, we definitely have the facilities to accommodate you and your friends.

Accommodation in the bunkhouse is free to our first jump students and camping is always available for the more adventurous!

Accommodation Costs:
* Powered Sites - $20/night
* Bunkhouse - $10/night
* Camping (no power) - free
* Atco site & kitchen - POA


Feel free to enjoy and have lunch under the shaded picnic area while you watch our sports skydivers land their canopies.

Enjoy light snacks and beverages from The Snack Shop, serving freshly made burgers, toasted sandwiches, egg and bacon, gourmet sausages and an assortment of other snacks. The Snack Shop operates from 8am and is usually the first port of call for breakfast.

At the end of the day after a huge day of jumping, kick back with a couple of refreshing ales at our amply stocked licenced bar.



Skydive Nagambie has a full range of souvenirs and merchandise to add to the excitement of your skydiving adventure. Our skydiving T-shirts and stubby coolers are always a favourite with visitors to the drop zone.

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